Young Investigator Award (gefördert von Novartis)

Preisträger 2021:

YIA 2021

von links: Prof. Strassburg, Dr. Junger, Dr. Hillen (Novartis)


Preisträger 2020:

YIA 2020 1

von links: Prof. Strassburg, Dr. Zeuschner


Preisträger 2019:

YIA 2019

von links: Prof. Strassburg, Dr. Schöneck (Novartis), Dr. Heim, Prof. Banas


 Preisträger 2018:

YIA 2018

 von links: PD Dr. Arbogast, Dr. Wedel, Prof. Banas, Dr. Schöneck (Novartis)


Preisträger 2017:

YIA 2017

 von links; Prof. Banas, Dr. Junge (Novartis), Dr. Kaths, Prof. Strassburg

Jahr Preisträger DTG Tagung in: Thema
2021 Henrik Junger (Regensburg) Regensburg Novel In-Situ Hybridization and Multiplex Immunofluorescence Technology Combined With Whole-slide Digital Image Analysis in Kidney Transplantation
2020 Philip Zeuschner (Homburg) Köln Robot-Assisted versus Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy: A Comparison of 250 Cases
2019 Christian Heim (Erlangen) Hannover Preservation of Microvascular Integrity in Murine Orthotopic Tracheal Allografts by Clopidogrel
2018 Johannes Wedel  (Boston)
Berlin DEPTOR modulates activation responses in CD4+ T cells and enhances immunoregulation following transplantation
2017 Moritz Kaths (Essen) Bonn Normotherme Ex Vivo Nierenperfusion (NEVKP) für die Lagerung, Testung und Verbesserung von Nieren vor Transplantation
2016 Alexey Dashkevich (München) Essen Ischemia–Reperfusion Injury Enhances Lymphatic Endothelial VEGFR3 and Rejection in Cardiac Allografts
2015 Fabio Ius (Hannover) Dresden Early donor-specific antibodies in lung transplantation: risk factors and impact on survival
Hans-Michael Tautenhahn (Leipzig) Attenuation of Postoperative Acute Liver Failure by Mesenchymal Stem Cell Treatment Due to Metabolic Implications
2014 nicht vergeben
2013 Stefan Reuter Frankfurt am Main PET with 18F-FDG-Labeled T Lymphocytes for Diagnosis of Acute Rat Renal Allograft Rejection
2012 Annika Fischer Berlin Cytomegalovirus-specific regulatory and effector T cells share TCR clonality – possible relation to repetitive CMV infections